International Competence

Over the years, BSI has developed in Switzerland and abroad, growing right along with your interests. Since 1873 our passion, enthusiasm, know-how and innovation, intertwined with the continuity of history, have served as the driving force behind our company. Our journey has been historic and professional, involving many different locations, branches opened around the world, and significant periods distinguished by mergers and acquisitions.

BSI has a long history of achievement and success. This history has enabled us to weather the most troubled economic times, events that have helped develop and enhance the great competence that puts BSI among the key players in international finance.
Being present in many regions of the world is not enough: in choosing BSI you are selecting a partner that also has the right local know-how in the countries in which it operates.

In 2015, BSI became part of the Pactual Group, one of the largest and most important Latin American banking groups with an international reach. The BSI shareholder, an innovative global financial company with its roots in Brazil, operates in the investment banking, wealth management and asset management markets. It offers consultancy services in M&A, wealth planning, loans and financing, and also provides investment solutions and market analysis. Founded in 1983, with its headquarters in São Paulo, the Bank has offices in over 20 countries.
The combination of the qualities of the two banks has created a top-notch global platform in wealth management, specialising in the provision of innovative integrated solutions developed in accordance with customers' specific requirements.
BSI represents the global wealth management and private banking centre of BTG Pactual.