2008 - Giorgio Orelli

Giorgio Orelli, a poet and writer who is a citizen and resident of Ticino, promotes ongoing cultural exchange between Switzerland, Italian-speaking Switzerland and Italy through his verse and his literary criticism. He produces verse and essays inspired and cultivated with unfailing intelligence, alongside his teaching work: these are aspects of a unique vocation based on genuine inspiration that he draws from family life, nature and places. Orelli is not confined by his dreams: he expands them, shapes them, and renews them via literary reminiscences as well as research into linguistics, rhythms and music. This coupling of inspiration with the study of language, a passion for its most minute elements, its confrontations and debates, the search for the hidden origins of the musicality of verse, of assonance and dissonance fascinates enthusiasts and students on both sides of the border and in all regions of Switzerland. It has gained him wide-spread recognition. He has been much published in Italy and some of his key works have also been presented in German-speaking Switzerland. Thanks to Orelli, the language and culture of Ticino have found expression on both sides of the Alps.