Mission and Vision

Our Mission is an expression of our reason for being and our long-term objective. The main purpose of the Mission is to address a wide range of stakeholders. It expresses the link that we have with them and a management concept based on the long term.
The Vision expresses our medium-term objective. Together with the other elements of our identity, it guides our strategic decisions.

Brand & History

The BSI brand is the vector of the different elements of our identity, and at the same time it is the promise that we make to our stakeholders and represents one of the contact points that connects us to our public.

BSI has been guiding its clients for more than 140 years: a long history of achievement and success that has enabled us to weather the most troubled economic times.


Our values are who we are, our DNA.
They make BSI unique, different from the competition.
Our values are a beacon that guides us in the midst of great changes that are transforming the bank on a constant basis. They remind us of who and what we are, and they motivate our actions

Code of Conduct

This Code of conduct establishes the principles and practices each employee is expected to comply with, in order to preserve BSI first class reputation, maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, esponsibility and professionalism at all time.