BSI Europe S.A.

A bank in the heart of Europe with strong swiss roots - bankers since 1873

The bank is represented in Luxembourg since June 25, 1980 originally as Banque du Gotthard SA, Luxembourg Branch. After the acquisition of the Banca del Gottardo Group by BSI AG, Lugano (November 2007), the banking activities in Luxembourg were restructured and since January 1, 2009 are carried out by a single entity named BSI Luxembourg SA. Starting from the 1st of April 2013 the company is renamed BSI Europe S.A.

BSI Europe S.A. is authorised by the "Ministère des Finances" to carry out universal banking and insurance brokerage activities. The bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSI AG, Lugano.

In April 2013 BSI Europe S.A. has opened a new branch in Milan, the BSI Europe Milano Branch ( This branch operates with an Italian banking license and is positioned as a provider of high range financial activities, offering full high quality private banking services.

The purpose of the bank is to offer Private Banking and Wealth Management services, in particular taking of deposits, asset management and granting of loans in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and abroad, as well as all operations which are directly or indirectly associated with such activities.

Basic Banking

  • Bank accounts, loans and payment services;
  • Securities and currencies trading;
  • Time deposit and Money market products;
  • Safekeeping services for securities, valuables and personal effects;
  • Credit cards;
  • BSI e-connect

Investment Products / Services

  • Advisory and Discretionary Asset management services;
  • Wide range of funds (in-house and third party funds);
  • Personalised selection of investment fund managers;
  • Structured products;
  • Alternative investments;
  • Performance reporting or attestation (AIMR / GIPS)

Wealth Management Products / services

  • Financial Planning / Estate planning / Retirement planning
  • Insurance Brokerage services (Insurance Wrappers)
  • SIF (individual funds)
  • SICAR (venture capital)
  • SPF (individual company for investments)
  • SOPARFI (corporate optimization)
  • Trusts (Assets / philanthropy)
  • Foundations (philanthropy)


We would be pleased if you ask our multilingual relationship managers for an appointment. It is our aim, to fulfill client’s financial needs.

Luxembourg financial centre is not only the largest investment fund and captive reinsurance centre in Europe but also the premier private banking centre in the Eurozone.

Its success is based on the country's social and political stability, on its modern legal and regulatory framework - nurtured by a close co-operation between the government, the legislator and the private sector - as well as on its international openness.

These genuine features have contributed to attract banks, insurance companies, investment fund promoters and specialized service providers from all over the world.

The Luxembourg financial centre is characterized by a strong culture of investor protection and rigorous anti money-laundering policies, underpinned by a competent and proactive supervisory authority, the CSSF. A multilingual, multicultural workforce enables the financial industry to meet the requirements of their international clientele. The financial sector is one of the main employers in Luxembourg and contributes to over 30% of its GDP.

Find all important legal information concerning BSI Europe S.A.

Payment orders

As part of the procedure relating to payment orders, we would like to draw your attention to the following practices in international payment transactions:
Personal data included in money transfers is processed by the Bank and other specialized companies, such as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Such processing may be operated through centres located in foreign countries, according to their local legislation. As a result, the authorities of such countries can request or obtain requests for access to personal data held in such operating centres for the purposes of fighting terrorism or for any other purposes authorized by law. Any Client instructing the Bank to execute a payment order accepts that all data necessary for the correct completion of the transaction may be processed outside the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Your personal adviser will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The new "Markets in Financial Instruments Directive" (MiFID), which applies EU-wide since the 1st of November 2007, is the most comprehensive regulatory regime established for the financial sector in recent years. The aim of this directive is to increase transparency for all market players, improve protection for investors and promote cross-border competition.
Please find below an overview of the relevant regulations applicable in our company, wich you can find in our brochure BSI Rules of Conduct - BSI Europe S.A.


  • General Terms and Conditions - BSI Europe S.A.
  • Best Execution Policy - BSI Europe S.A. 
  • Conflict of Interest Policy - BSI Europe S.A. 

U.S. Patriot Act

BSI Europe S.A. is subject to the laws of Luxembourg and to the supervision of the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). As evidence, please refer to the CSSF website :

BSI Europe S.A. strictly complies with the laws and regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as with the Circulars issued by the supervision authority (CSSF) on that subject.


  • Letter AML BSI Europe S.A.
  • Letter AML - BSI SA (Headquarters)


Being part of BSI Group, we kindly ask you to refer to the Group's US Patriot Act Declaration and the list of entities covered by this Declaration on. In case of any additional questions, you may contact us via email.


BSI Europe S.A. reserves the right to change or supplement the information provided. The content and structure of the BSI Europe S.A. websites are protected by copyright. The reproduction of information or data, in particular the use of texts, text components or images, is prohibited without the prior written consent of BSI Europe S.A.
Furthermore, BSI Europe S.A. hereby provides notice that photographs, images, graphics and other presentations on this website are protected by separate copyright. The reproduction and use of such copyrighted works is prohibited without the prior written consent.

Within this subsection, you will find useful information about BSI EUROPE S.A.

Pillar III Disclosure Report

BSI Europe SA holds at the disposal of anyone upon request its Pillar III Disclosure Report which describes how the Bank has implemented the Basel III requirements.
The Basel III requirements are international capital adequacy standards developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, known as Basel III, as implemented in Europe with the regulation 575/2013 and the directive 2013/36.
The person interested may contact the Bank to receive the document.

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