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Basic products and services

BSI offers an array of basic products and services at specific terms that respond to the usual demands of business in the private and commercial sphere.


BSI offers a comprehensive range of accounts including: current accounts, ideal for banking operations that involve payments; savings accounts, for short- and medium-term goals and as a cash reserve; current accounts in foreign currencies, useful for those involved in banking transactions in foreign currencies.
The security deposit account, on the other hand, is an escrow account in which a renter deposits a guarantee against damages incurred to a rental property.

Maestro cards

The Maestro card is a direct debit card on your account that, with the issue of a PIN code, enables you to make purchases and withdraw cash (24 hours a day) in Switzerland and abroad in local currency.

Credit cards

Thanks to the wide range of Cornercard and Viseca cards, you can buy products and services without cash and withdraw local currency the world over.

Custodian services

We offer both valuation and protection services. BSI will hold your assets in safe keeping, be they securities, documents, jewellery or works of art.

Precious metals

For those who wish to invest in precious metals, BSI offers the possibility to buy or sell physical metals or purchase and sell them through a metal account.


Payment order technology enables us to automate your payments in CHF made through payment slips. Easy payment orders make payments from CHF accounts simple: you need only attach the payment slips to your Easy order, including the order and desired execution dates, the number of payment slips and the total amount, sign it and forward it to BSI using the pre-printed label. Once the order has been executed, you will receive a debit advice from BSI with details of the payments made.
The standardised payment order (without payment slip) enables you to make payments in any currency in Switzerland and abroad.
The direct debit system (LSV) enables you to pay your recurrent invoices automatically, for fixed and variable sums, without having to take care of them every time. The LSV form must be requested directly from the beneficiary.

Permanent orders are useful for paying fixed sums to the same beneficiary on a regular basis. You give the instructions just once and the Bank takes care to make the payment at the requested intervals.

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